DIY 3D Laser Scanner

DAVID-Laserscanner 2.1 is an Incredibly Low-Cost (or free) 3D Scanner. All you need is A camera (e.g. web cam), A hand-held line laser (around U$25), Two plain boards in the background, A Windows PC and the ‘DAVID-Laserscanner‘ software.
david diy 3d laser
You will need to use their fusing software if you want to rotate a model and get a fully textured 3D scan, which could then be printed in a 3D printer.
david diy 3d laser 2david diy 3d laser 3
What is really exciting here is that it puts some relatively advanced reverse engineering capabilities into the hands of the consumer. Let’s say that the housing for your mobile phone has cracked, theoretically you could scan the object, repair the crack, and print out a new shell. Or perhaps it could be used to scan and modify an existing product allowing you to 3D print your customized design, or maybe you could make a clay/whatever model to scan and then print??
david diy 3d laser 4
The site has simple instructions on how to make your scanning booth, along with other forums and a wiki.

This really is an amazing free software, I would love to see images of any experiments produced.

via my new friends monogocoro

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I see great potential with this and other 3D technologies, I am just waiting to hear from the people who profit from keeping the current status-quo such as retailers, traditional manufacturers, copyrighters, lawyers etc.

If the music industry has taught us anything, the evolution of manufacturing (on-demand at home) will cause a HUGE paradigm shift in the world’s economy in the way we “value” products and copyright laws. I, for one, welcome these changes but I bet there will be lots of yelling and protectionist laws enacted before the opportunities this gives to society are realized.

The potential of on-demand manufacturing is HUGE!

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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