inmod Custom Furniture Pods


Inmod is a five year old furniture company specializing in the cutting edge of modern design by offering custom solutions in what we like to call the “œdesign-your-own” era. The furniture items available for customization are the Ball Chair and the Egg Chair.


As you can see, the customization doesn’t really go beyond a selection of colors and fabrics, but you can opt to have speakers inside the chair. A custom Ball Chair with a Midnight exterior and light grey microsuede interior, with speakers but skipping out on the ottoman is $2,475.00. The Egg Chair, below, offers similar features.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the space-age aesthetic of 60’s mod furniture; luckily there’s a large selection of less sci-fi looking modern design. Here’s some pieces from inmod using Ponoko’s favorite technique:


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Thanks for the heads up on the egg chair customizations. I have been following how people have altered their chairs after the fact as well.

A few examples:

I wonder if Ponoko could start a line dedicated to altering existing objects rather than always creating something completely brand new.


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