Flat Pack Pocket Light & The Martyr Lamp

The mobile pocket light concept designed by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee seems to be the perfect solution to those dark nights. Credit card sized it fits neatly into your wallet/purse until you need some power packed illumination. sweet,
pocket lightpocket light 2
or, for another playful little luminaire is the Martyr Lamp ‘The energy saving fundamentalist’ by The Play Coalition.
martyr lamp
They have also designed the Plant-Bot, which orients itself to gather sunlight, which kinda offsets the freakiness of the previous CNC robot post.
plant bot
plant bot detailee

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Do you have a link for more information about those flat-pack lamps? It looks like they’ve been created to turn on when you fold the bulb into the ‘up’ position – is that correct? It’s a neat idea, and I’m curious how they created it…

Yeah, it does turn on when you bend the card, http://www.ratemyideas.com/story.php?title=Pocket_Light to rate their design. There is also another similar that I believe is in production.
Unfortunately I could not find their original site or contact details..

IF I find out more about this or the other version I will post an update.


Hi, I would also be interested in getting some of these light bulb cards…so clever!

Please do an update with where we can buy them or email me and let me know!!


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