Illustration Friday Hop Onto the Ponoko Zeitgeist

Brianna Privett over at the illustrator’s blog Illustration Friday has posted a great account of her experience with Ponoko – most interestingly, her inspiration came from a public domain book, Rambles of an Archaeologist Among Old Books and in Old Places by Frederick William Fairholt. Her showroom pitches her jewellery and other bits and bobs thus:

“Designs from public domain literary works – key fobs from the Wizard of Oz, ring designs from a Victorian anthropology collection, an early Celtic buckle, hair sticks from feather engravings from a book on birdwatching from 1881.”

Rings from Brianna at Illustration Friday

The designs are available for free at her showroom here. A great synergy of public domain artwork and digital manufacturing, thus creating public domain objects!

via Illustration Friday

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