Hard Copies – Ronen Kadushin’s Open Design

Ronen Kadushin’s Open Design’s previously mentioned on the Ponoko Blog can now be seen made real at his Hard Copies exhibition, currently being held at Berlin’s Appel Design Gallery until the 22nd of November 2008.
hard copies 2
Open Design is a personal attempt to close a creativity gap between product design and other fields (music, graphic design, animation and photography), Which found their creative output in phase with the realities of information technology and economics. The Open Design method is based on the principles of the already successful Open Source method that revolutionized the software industry, and gave birth to a social movement that is cooperative, community-minded and seeks legitimate ways of sharing creativity.
hard Copies 1
In Open Design, the design is a two dimensional “cutout” represented as digital information. It relies on the Internet’s communication resources, to publish, distribute, and copy the designs under a CreativeCommons license. Coupled with The flexibility of CNC production methods, all technically conforming designs are continuously available for production, in any number, with no tooling investment, anywhere and by anyone.

For more on Ronen check out his site and this great interview at The Design Blog.

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