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It is always nice to be humbled by someone producing great work, just when you think you are starting to reach your stride in a particular pursuit, it gives you something to aspire to.
There are quite a few of great blogs covering design in general but not many that specialize in Mass Customization except for Frank Piller’s, We Don’t Do Retro and the Ponoko Blog. But now another great blog focussing on mass customization has entered the scene, Replicator.

Replicator manufactures and sells custom consumer products. Their first offering will empower customers to design, create, share and sell custom jewelry using our web-based design tools and manufacturing technology. With their software tools, you can easily design a piece of jewelry, like a necklace, by customizing its shape, style, colors, materials, or by adding images. You can purchase your creation and it will be made-to-order and delivered to your home. You can also show off your design talent and earn money through our widgets on existing social networking websites and as a member of our community.
replicator jewells
Keep a close eye on these guys and check out their blog for great info on mass customization.

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