We’re marketing you to online shoppers

We’re out there telling the Ponoko story to online shoppers, particularly via shopping blogs, media and retailers.

So here’s what to do if you get contacted by them:

Contact by shoppers
One thing to remember is to reply to shoppers when they make contact with you. Sounds simple, but trust me, non reply happens more often than you might think! One way to encourage yourself to reply is to realize that the person contacting you may be a buyer for a very large retailer, and they’re testing you out.

Another thing to do is to save their contact details so you can contact them at other times into the future. We’ll talk more about this in a later post. But for now, simply save them all on one place. This list is gold for you.

Contact by shopping blogs / media
Now if shopping blogs and media contact you, they are likely to want to do something special to introduce you to their audience. They may ask for a free sample, a special deal or something like that. One of the easier things to do is to offer free shipping. But other things are possible too – just contact us if you want to talk through some options.

Contact by retailers
They’ll want to buy your product for at least half the price you are selling it at retail. Of course this will be tough going for many of you, so contact us and let’s talk about some wholesale pricing options and how we can make this work with the most ease for you and, importantly, the retailer.

Anyhow, the key thing to remember is that we’re here to support you get your creativity out there and up there. We’re super incentivized to support you in all sorts of ways. So remember to drop us a line at any time and we’ll work stuff out with you!

And if you are interested in getting more people to buy from you, you’ll want to sign up to hear about the new service going live in a few weeks.

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Keep-up the fantastic work guys! You guys rule!

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