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Update: It appears I made a misjudgment as to the origin of oDesign, apologies. Massimo Menichinelli is a collaborator in oDesign rather than the originator. Sorry folks!

Massimo Menichinelli’s The oDesign project has had a facelift and a new site design, the most exciting part being, a Sourceforge-styled section for sharing product source files.

Do we need another place to collect product source information? After all, we already have sites such as Ponoko and Instructables. Yes, I would say – it would be good to have an equivalent directory such as Sourceforge for downloadable product data at least as an organisational/reference tool. Here you could keep cutting files/3D geometry files, as well as links to an instructable for assembly, Ponoko for buying the cutting, – user reviews and ratings, license information and prices are already incoroprated.

Already up there are a few projects originally from Ronen Kadushin – it will be interesting to see how the site evolves as more are added. The website is a little clunky at the front but nonetheless very much functional.

oDesign appears to have come out of features Massimo Menichinelli’s extensive research in ‘Open Peer-to-Peer Design’, the website for which is here and the thesis here.

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Thanks for the post, but there is a mistake: oDesign is not a Massimo
Menichinelli’s project, it’s a collaborator.
Soon i make a post about Ponoko.

Welcome back.


I’m Massimo Menichinelli, thank you for writing about me too in this post!

Here are just some more informations about us…

To be true, I’m not really (yet) a collaborator of oDesign: they just were so kind to put my openp2pdesign.org_1.1 book for download on their homepage, as it is released under a Creative Commons license.

We’re both from Italy but we are two different projects that started autonomously without knowing each other.
oDesign is a very important experimentation of an open marketplace for Open Design or Open P2P Design; on the contrary, is the starting point for a collective research on Open P2P Design and its experimentation and practice.

I started studying the relationships between Design, Open Source and P2P (I called it “Open P2P Design”) in March 2005 with my master’s degree thesis (it was finished in April 2006), and was born officially in February 2007.

openp2pdesign.org_1.1 is not really my thesis but a shorter and multilingual version; you can find my thesis here or here.

I then discovered oDesign later, at the beginning of summer of 2007 and since then I’m very happy to share thoughts and questions with oDesign founder, Demetrio Siragusa.

Just two more nodes in the Open Design / Open P2P Design network…. 🙂

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