New materials a big success

Last week we released a tiny selection of new materials for you to make with – and new creations over the weekend blossomed. You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted new stuff to play with!

So here’s a tiny taste of 3 new material options that you can use right away:

Bamboo: pure goodness, a greener material than most others and it has a lovely finish.

Felt: our first fabric in a variety of colors!

Cardboard: the perfect material to prototype your ideas before using more expensive materials — it’s cheap and cuts super fast.

And if you want access to many more, you’ll want to sign up to find out about our new expanded service.

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  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] As mentioned earlier, if you haven’t been to the Materials section of Ponoko lately, you should check out all the new options. Cardboard is at the top. And for this post I’d like to share the cardboard furniture of designer David Graas. He’s been Treehugged quite a bit for his designs ranging from a tulip planter trophy to a cardboard cube lighting fixture. […]

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