Deceptive Design

For the month of November, I’ve decided to focus on furniture design. Later this week in Chicago is the 15th Annual Sculptural Objects & Functional Art Fair – SOFA. I’ll be attending lectures all day, walking the floor of the exhibit, and reporting back to Ponoko on the world’s leading contemporary decorative arts and design.


But before I get to SOFA, I want to share the work of a group of designers currently exhibiting at the Chicago Cultural Center. The show is called Deceptive Design – Experiments in Furniture and runs through January 4th of next year. These designs provoke the question ‘Is what you see really what you get?’


above: Yantra by John Kinstler – A square coffee tables that folds out into an octagon


above: Tone Knob Lamp by Josh Owen – an analog knob to increase light


above: All Stool by Wendy Uhlman – multi-functional stool, table and storage unit


above: Riveli by Mark Kinsley – my personal favorite, a versatile shelving unit and wall art combined


Wolf in Sheep’s Lighting by Marcus Bosch + Geraint Krumpe – a sheep lamp that casts a wolf’s shadow


above: Deceptive Garden by Chris Brandel – a compact garden unit that maximizes Chicago’s small balcony spaces


above: Nautilis Screen by Brian Peters – a wooden screen of concentric rectangles that individually pivot to create a variety of forms


above: Herd by Andrew Peerless – a table that evokes a herd of cows in transit


Coil Lamp by Craighton Berman – wire coiled into the quientessential shape of a lamp

Many of the designers are currently living in Chicago, and throughout the month I will be posting interviews and studio photographs.

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Thanks for the post– we’ll have photos from the exhibition posted on the Deceptive Design website in the next week!

Craighton Berman’s Coil Lamp is a copy of the spiral(2007).

Check it>works->spiral>press->2008 web

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