Look out! The biggest Halloween design challenge is here …


And you thought your great great grand mother in law was scary!

Well …

We’ve teamed up with the good guys at Instructables (also including our pals over at Core77, Make, Craft, BoingBoing and ETSY) for the biggest Halloween design challenge you’ll find on the web.

Here’s the design brief:

Come up with something kinda scary and cool, make it, take some photos (or video) and post it on Instructables.

There’s 6 major categories – and we’re sponsoring 3 of them for you to have a shot at:

Costume: Show off your best homemade costumes! Whether you made it for you kids, your hamster, or even the office party, we want to see how you made it.

Gagdets and Gizmos: Share the mechanics behind the spooky shapes, creepy noises, and sudden movements you’ve created to scare us senseless!

Decorations: Show us how you made your surroundings spooky enough to make all the neighborhood kids think twice about trick or treating.

There’s $6,980 worth of prizes to be won, including prizes for best photos and videos!

And as a special treat (no trick) – all entries using Ponoko will get 50% off the making costs. 🙂

So go check out the details now, including the coupon code to get making for half price …

… and show us what you got! (Entries close November 9th, so you better get a rattle on).

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  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] The Credit Card Cutlery available from the Cooper Hewitt Shop for $10, is the stylishly flat pack alternative to cheap plastic cutlery. “This credit card consists of a mini range and a detachable mini spoon is ideal for enjoying your salads and yogurts. Once finished your meal, soaked in water scented, the spot turns into a refreshing towel.” Designed in 2006 by Dutch designer Ineke Hans the credit card cutlery is made of Polypropylene so could withstand multiple uses, if you were so inclined. This simple design could easily have been realized using Ponoko, but perhaps you could use it as inspiration to design your own DIY Halloween (see competition) flat pack tom foolery like a slingshot, crucifix or……….Halloween Guillotine. //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment var OutbrainPermaLink=”http://blog.ponoko.com/2008/10/22/laser-cutlery/”; var OB_demoMode = false; if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){ OutbrainStart(); }else{ var OB_Script = true; var OB_langJS =”http://widgets.outbrain.com/lang_en.js”; document.write (“”); } //OBEND:do_NOT_remove_this_comment […]

  2. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] So, you’re thinking about entering the Halloween competition but don’t know where to start? Why not draw inspiration from Tattooed Furniture, Pets or Tights? (pun intended) Tattoo tights are From Scottish company Bebaroque are ‘tattoo’ and ‘barbarella’ style tights . Brilliant and a way to make even the most mundane outfit truly fabulous. Tattoo drawings adorning our legs is a edgy way to make heads turn in the street, unsure if they are real tattoos. //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment var OutbrainPermaLink=”http://blog.ponoko.com/2008/10/22/halloween-costume-inspiration-edgy-tattoo-tights/”; var OB_demoMode = false; if(typeof(OB_Script)!=’undefined’){ OutbrainStart(); }else{ var OB_Script = true; var OB_langJS =”http://widgets.outbrain.com/lang_en.js”; document.write (“”); } //OBEND:do_NOT_remove_this_comment […]

  3. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] Along with the giant Halloween challenge via Ponoko core77, instructables and etsetera comes the 3DVIA Halloween challenge […]

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