Derek Powazek is in Business

Derek Powazek is an “Industry Influencer” as selected by Folio Magazine, which listed a top forty of “Individuals who have demonstrated tangible proof of actionable ideas”. Previously involved in 8020 Media, publishers of JPG Magazine and Everywhere Magazine, Derek is now editing the quarterly book Fray : “It’s about proving that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people.” These books contain original stories and artwork on a particular theme. Fray has 5 levels of subscription, with a basic year subscription running $45 plus shipping.


I once worked alongside a programmer who my boss once called a “serial entrepreneur”. I think the same might apply to Powazek; he’s got Pixish going on too.

Pixish is a place where people who want images and people who make images can easily find each other and collaborate on creative projects together.

Clearly he’s got a thing for consumer generated content and product. So it’s no surprise that Derek found Ponoko. And he made wooden business cards and wrote about it on his blog.


His write up isn’t just a bit of props to Ponoko; it’s also very useful information about the whole process that would be good to review before attempting something similar.

Many thanks to Derek and best of luck with all of your ventures.

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