If You Love Sketch, read more

Those of you who read the previous post on I Love Sketch may want to check out the We Don’t Do Retro post that delves into an analysis of the software a little deeper, and compares it to Ponoko’s very own Photomake along with the Computer Graphics department in the Technical University of Berlin’s FiberMesh.
Matt Sinclair, who writes the We Don’t do Retro blog is a former Nokia designer who is currently undertaking his PhD at Loughborough University in the UK. His thesis, An investigation of the feasibility of product architectures to facilitate consumer-created designs in the consumer electronics industry, using rapid manufacturing technologies as an enabler is focusing on the future of mass customisation and proposes the task of the industrial designer will in future be to create modular product architectures which define and limit the parameters of any possible design.

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That is insanely cool!

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