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Generator.x is a curatorial platform exploring the use of generative strategies and software processes in digital art, architecture and design. It focuses on a new generation of artists and designers who embrace code as a way of producing new forms of creative expression.
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GENERATIVE AESTHETICS: How can generative strategies successfully be applied to aesthetic problems? Whether the aim is provide a design solution or simply to explore the dynamic qualities of a given system, the process requires translating intuitive creative choices into rules and machine-readable code. What are the criteria for an interesting solution, what parameters and boundary conditions can be manipulated to produce satisfying results?
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DESIGNING PROCESSES: A computational approach to design changes static objects into dynamic processes. What implications does this have for design and architecture, whether used for analysis, aesthetic expression or information visualization?
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PERFORMATIVE SOFTWARE: Musicians and visual performers are using generative systems to create custom software instruments for live performance, as well as to produce direct synaesthetic mappings between sound and image. How can a software instrument approach the complexity and expressive range of a physical instrument that has been perfected over centuries?
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SOFTWARE BY CREATIVES FOR CREATIVES: Artists and designers are increasingly creating their own software to meet special needs not covered by commercial packages, sharing their results as Open Source.
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Generator.x was created in 2005, as the result of a series of conversations between Marius Watz and Atle Barcley, who at that time was director of Atelier Nord.

Check out their blog/twitter/site with some great examples of Digital Fabrication, Computational Design, Text & Theory.

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