8 Common Vector Drawing Mistakes

Being mostly a self taught vector software user I have often wondered about how to best control curves for any drawings I am creating. All to often I can look at my drawing and think something just isn’t right. Thankfully I came across some great posts by Juan over at Typies blog with some great tips on how the create the perfect curve.

Juan talks about vectors in relation to type but the principles are the same for drawings for a new necklace design or a personalized set of coasters. They are also applicable to all the vector drawing software we suggest, whether it is Illustrator, Corel, or the freebie Inkscape.

The first post is about the basics of vector drawing where he outlines the definitions of the terminology used in vector software packages and how to construct your shapes.

In the second he goes through 8 common vector drawing mistakes, showing examples of where to put your points, how many to have, and how to balance the handles.


Thanks for the tips Juan and I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog for any future advice.

via swissmiss

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