Molly M Designs: Laser Cut Jewellery

molly m designs is a jewelry design endeavor which merges handcrafted design sensibility with a high tech production process. drawing on her architectural background, the process starts with a sketch, which she then drafts on a computer and prints on a laser cutter.
molly m designs
the jewelry is inspired by observations of built and natural landscapes – a skyline, a bird in flight, an aerial view of a city, a shadow, water patterns, a composition of branches, snowflakes, a patch of concrete…
molly m designs 2
Her ‘lines and circles’ range are made with birch veneer and acrylic. this is the first line by molly m designs. in this line molly experiments with the two functions of the laser cutter: etching and cutting, and the effects those two functions can have on a solid and transparent material. the designs utilize lines and circles in various combinations, achieving screenlike, moire, and cutout patterns.
molly m designs 3
the botanical line is made of materials chosen with their sustainable qualities in mind. these include: the veneer of two different species of bamboo; recycled suede, felt, and wool. bamboo is a rapidly renewable material with a growth cycle of just 3-5 years, making it one of the most sustainable wood products on the market. the felt and wool are salvaged from surplus army clothing, and the suede is reclaimed from second hand jackets. the designs are inspired by molly’s mom’s garden and the onset of autumn in berkeley.

Nice work, similar to Ponoko’s own design, and that of Lucia and Clark’s.

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