FAB – The Revolution on Your Desktop

Neil Gershenfeld’s 2007 book, Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication, covers What if you could someday put the manufacturing power of an automobile plant on your desktop.
The renowned MIT scientist and inventor talks up how, the next big thing is personal fabrication-the ability to design and produce your own products, in your own home, with a machine that combines consumer electronics and industrial tools.

Personal fabricators are about to revolutionize the world just as personal computers did a generation ago, and Fab shows us how.

Ponokosters are already a step ahead, using a distributed manufacturing network to the same end, without the set-up or training costs.

For more info check out Neil’s site at the Centre for Bits and Atoms, or the MIT’s Fab Lab program.

MIT we love you….

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Desktop fabrication is already here but right now, the machinery is about the price of a laser printer a decade ago… in probably 5-10 years, there will be a HUGE revolution because people will no longer shop for items as much as design/make it themselves. This will be an amazing time!

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