Mini Me – Personalized Doll

Ok, This is where mass customization goes very wrong…..
my twinn
MyTwinn offers a unique, and very wrong approach to dolls for children. Send them a picture of your child and they will make a doll that looks exactly like them.
my twinn 1
So what happens when little princesses out of control brother attempts to destroy Mini Me in a voodoo ritual??
my twinn 2
No fear, The My Twinn Doll Hospital staffs specially trained doll doctors will reattach the head for only $20, or treat Mini ME to a Doll Makeover Package that will freshen the overall appearance of your My Twinn doll. Wash & restyle hair, Re-paint lips, cheeks and freckles, Clean arms, legs, face & Replace eyelashes.
doll hospitalminime

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  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] Previously we posted on the weirdness that is My Twin, for all those lonely, only children looking for an exact replica. Now the Mini Me has once again reared it’s ugly (in the eye of the beholder) head with Mini Me personalized dolls. ModelWorks offers figures that can be customized to look like whoever a buyer chooses. In just 10 days, you can have a 3-D Mini-Me action figure with a face created from a photo that you upload. […]

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