Customized Voodoo Dolls

Gabrielle Aznar will fully customized your voodoo doll, working off of a photograph. Alternatively, you can simply state the physical characteristics, materials and colours you want used in your design.
voodoo dolls
The example given on the website, is a “brown-skinned doll removed, but angry mood wearing dresses princess.”
voodoo dolls 2
Each doll is handmade and around 15cm tall and comes with a small bio so you know everything about their characters and hobbies. Hand embroidery and choice of materials means each piece is unique and numbered as such.

So why not send that picture of your ex, get a doll made, and insert pins where you want the hurt to start….
found via trend hunter, oh and she also makes ipod covers and lingerie, sweet.

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I thought personalized “send by mail” voodoo dolls were just an urban myth… thanks for the heads-up 😉

Jon – Create Unique Memories

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