Yet more papercraft

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned any downloadable/printable papercraft, so this is to get some links off my chest:

Konica Minolta Crab models

Konica Minolta’s Papercraft Crabs are rather impressive, as are this range of models from Kirin (including a polar bear and a neat globe).
via Make

Korg MS20 model

If the Korg DS-10 doesn’t excite you then maybe this will: the Papercraft Korg MS20.

via Make


Lastly, Glasgow maker Kritchard’s first foray into kits, Octoboy:

“He possesses the usual octopus super powers of fitting into tiny spaces, disguise and lateral thinking, but is still a little nervous about embarking on a life of crime prevention.”

Captain Blueboid by KritchardIncidentally, you could do a lot worse than spend some hours perusing Kritchard’s site, which exhibits his vast repertoire of custom-crafted cardboard robots, safari animals, ingenious cracker tat robots and his most recent creation, a charming wee pirate clock.

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There are even papercraft models of the China Olympic & Vancouver Winter Olympic mascots! They’re adorable.

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