Hyperscore – sketch to compose

Hyperscore music software that lets anyone compose music. The first music software program designed to teach students and adults how to compose music simply by drawing lines on the screen.
hyperscore 2
Hyperscore is a computer-assisted music composition program intended to make the creation of music readily accessible to experienced musicians as well as those without any musical training. To accomplish this, the software maps complex musical concepts to intuitive visual representations. Color, shape, and texture are used to convey high-level musical features such as timbre, melodic contour, and harmonic tension.
Hyperscore was developed by Morwaread Farbood in Tod Machover’s Opera of the Future group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab(sigh). Early versions of the software allowed users to generate novel compositions from predefined motives by sketching lines indicating patterns of musical tension.
hyperscore 3
The application evolved to play a prominent role in the Toy Symphony. During an international tour of this project, children were given the opportunity to compose orchestral pieces using Hyperscore, which were then performed in concert along with other works utilizing traditional and technologically enhanced instruments and approaches.

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