Amy Cunningham’s two in one


Amy Cunningham is showing her Silhouette Stand and Screen at Workshopped 08. She explores the concept of making one object from the waste of another: “This year I wanted to create a piece for Workshopped that complements with my previous ranges of furniture.  The concept of slotting and connection is still a strong theme in my work and has continued into the silhouette range. The silhouette series was inspired by the desire to create a functional object out of the scrap material of another object. Being highly aware of the waste in the production of interior products and wanted to ensure my designs were not contributing to this. Silhouette is a 3 panel plywood self hinging screen with a sculptural slotted hat stand that is created out of the cut-out pattern of the screen.” To see more of Amy Cunningham’s stuff check out her website or

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