Porosity Bench


The Porosity Bench is the work of Steven Holl Architects but you’ve only got to have a look at the image to know it was designed by an architect. Porosity bench features the sculptural form that is often seen in modern architecture. It is constructed of solid bamboo planes with digitally cut interlocking edges. It is a seat that can be seen through and it plays with light to casts beautiful patterned shadows. The bench was commissioned by Johnson Trading Gallery, produced in a limited edition of 10. The architect’s website shows some of the sketches that provide an interesting insight into the thinking and process behind the design.


For some more laser cut inspiration check out Steven Holl Architects designs from last year: Riddled Table and Hingeless Front Cabinet.

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hi, this is cute,
i was wondering what’s the material used
coz i’m an architecture student, and we need to explore diff materials, sooo if u’ll be kind enough…..

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