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Another site democratizing the field of design and allowing prosumers to connect directly with other like minded people is DaWanda
Berlin-based DaWanda is a marketplace for independent designers much like Etsy, which we’ve written about before. Independent creatives from all over the world can join DaWanda to sell their handmade wares in a marketplace categorized by fashion, accessories, bags, jewellery, baby and children, home, art and supplies.
dawanda 2
Some products fall into the realm of mass customization with the option of requesting a personalized product.

The DaWanda Style Lab is a section dedicated to customizable products.

Here products range from jewellery to journals, undies to bibs, all with varying degrees of customizaton.
1210172041-131.jpg1212312538-473.jpgdawanda 3

Spotted by: Sabine Janssens

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