10-Day Design Challenge: Jewelry for Summer winners announced

It is with great pleasure that today we get to announce the Invitation Round Winners of the Ponoko 10-Day Design Challenge: Jewelry for Summer. Below are images and links to each design and the designers page on Ponoko. The winning designs are all available for sale so feel free to click through and get a unique gift for yourself or someone you love.

The Brief
Summer is a time for sun and fun. Your challenge is to create intriguing laser cut jewelry inspired by summer – within 10 days!

The Judges
Ponoko’s own Dan Emery
Jennifer Perkins from Naughty Secretary Club
Ronen Kadushin

The Winner

Transient Cool – a pendant/fan by Nervous

Judging comments
Dan: an elegant design that expresses summer in a beautiful way.
Jennifer: Who doesn’t need a fan in the summer?
Ronen: Nature and architecture as jewelry. An intriguing object.

Congratulations to Nervous System who’ve just won $1,000 in cash, free advertising on the Ponoko home page and made for free for all buyer purchases for an entire month! Not only was this pieces the judges favorite, it was the peoples favorite gathering an enormous amount of votes.

The runners-up

Judges comments
Dan: A clever use of all the icons of summer
Jennifer: You had me at Charm Bracelet.
Ronen: Taking advantage of laser cutting to personalize a piece of jewelry. An endless combination of humoristic, everyday summer associations makes the consumer part of the design process.

Judges comments
Dan: Another cute little creature from SuperVery
Jennifer: I love the blue acrylic, summer to me means bright fun colors and the beach and this necklace has both!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants who made this such a great success. We’re planning more challenges for the near future so you can all stretch your designing talent again.

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Some really nice designs here… congrats to the winners and their well deserved rewards!

http://woodmarvels.com – Create Unique Memories

congrats Nervous

Nice work as usual

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