Flip Book

Create your own old school analogue Flip Book animation by uploading a video to FlipClips.com.
flip book
FlipClips are individually crafted flipbooks, created using your own digital video. FlipClips are available in three styles, and are made using only the best materials around. Acid and lignin-free, heavy bond digital paper makes your video spring to life. Industrial-strength binding ensures your book will feel like a quality paperback, made just for you. Our design team can create customized covers to match a special occasion. Just ask, we’d love to work with you!

Available as Flip Books, Greeting Cards or Story Books, you can custom make your old school analogue animation..
flip book
Would be interesting to see what could be done by sending in some hyper processed animation, or maybe even your reinterpretation of the Radiohead video clip
Mass customization in the palm of your hand, Flip It

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