Inkscape tips


Inkscape is a great tool for drawing up your design ideas so they are ready to be laser cut. It’s extra great because it is free! I’m new to inkscape so I was looking for a tutorial to get me started and found a nice one at It’s got a good explanation of editing paths, subpaths and combining paths, converting to a path, Boolean operations and inset and outset amongst other things. All are very valuable tools for making your .eps files. Here’s a snippet:

With the Pen tool, each click creates a sharp node without any curve handles, so a series of clicks produces a sequence of straight line segments. Click and drag creates a smooth Bezier node with two collinear opposite handles. Press Shift while dragging out a handle to rotate only one handle and fix the other. As usual, Ctrl limits the direction of either the current line segment. read more

You can download inkscape here and templates for your ponoko designs here.

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High five guys I LOVE this program 🙂 And it’s FREE!

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