Finding free vector art

Using free vector art in your Ponoko designs is a great way to make your creations and jewelry pieces really sing. Especially if you’re stuck wondering what would be the ideal thing to engrave on your pendant or brooch:


As you can see we’ve even done this ourselves a few times, especially in our how-to guides. But where can you find great (and free) vector art? Here are 4 of the best:

Know of any others?

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hey P dudes
just a small suggestion on this post – have those links above to open up in a new window so I can keep checking out your site too! or so I can later not forget about
and peruse theirs. (I know it’s not ideal for every link to open in another window, but for external sites I reckon it shld so you don’t lose your reader/traffic ya know?)

I’m also having trouble actually downloading any free eps (error on page?!), but I think that might be work setup, and just haven’t remembered to try at home on my very old slow and dialup pc – but I hope to get at least one design made via u’s soon…

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