Blik – Customized Surface Graphics

blik surface graphics are oversized, self-adhesive, removable vinyl decals that allow anyone to quickly & easily create decorative patterns or custom wall murals for home or office.
blik 3
Choose from their massive existing range or design your own customized wall graphics.
blik 1blik 2
The customized solutions are perfect for either domestic or commercial applications, with an online ordering form that makes it relatively easy to realize your design by simply specifying the size you require and uploading an image in either JPEG, GIF, PDF, or AI format.
blik 1a
If you don’t feel up to designing your own, you can always configure existing elements of a pack, or order a couple and stylize your wall/ceiling/laptop/fridge with a graphics mash up…
blik 1b
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Wow awesome idea. Pity they only offer an online quote and you can’t see and share what other people are making. Ponoko should jump onto vinyl too (or are you planning on adding that as an option?)

PEVA added to the materials list would be awesome. (It’s a more enviro-safe alternative to vinyl.)

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