The future for manufacturers and makers


The institute for the future has put together a map to explain their forecast of making in the future. As most of you will already know there are social and technological influences that are changing the way things are being made. The DIY attitude is becoming increasingly popular and digital manufacturing such as Ponoko is allowing people to make what they want.

The institute for the future says “the Future of Making may seem overwhelming, but in many ways, the future is here for you to experiment with today. Like any map, our Future of Making map is designed to guide you through unfamiliar terrain. In this case, our map arms you with knowledge of drivers, trends, signals, and examples of how the future is being built, hacked, recombined, reused, rapidly prototyped, networked, and designed today. By providing foresight and insight, our map will help you learn the lay of the land now so you’re poised to take action in the future. Think of it as your do-it yourself guide to a future driven by DIY.”

See the map here.

Via Core 77

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