Personalized Candlestick Holder?

With emerging technologies of digital manufacture democratizing the design process, anything is possible. We can reduce waste, create products with real, personal meaning, or we can make a candlestick with the profile of our face.

In 4 simple steps, and for as little as $150 you too can indulge in some ‘self centered design’.
FaceMod is a concept from the Gamila Comapny who’s tag-line is designs that make you smile.
I did have a chuckle when I saw what is possibly the most superficial use of digital printing I have seen to date.

You send in your photo
They trace a spline
revolve the form
and digitally print.

I am sure there is a massive waiting list so you better order yours now….

2 Responses to “Personalized Candlestick Holder?”

  1. Indigo Says:

    enjoyable writing.

  2. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] I love the idea of taking already-computed processes and using them to drive another – hence applying digital terrains to CNC’d bowls, vector face profiles to 3D printed candlesticks or waveforms to laser cut jewellery (using Ponoko). Its as if one is handing over creative control to the machine – we design the system that it operates, but from there on, the conception and synthesis of the end product is out of our hands and given over to a completely digital process. […]

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