Drape Chair


John wrote a post about design democracy 08 here. DD08 called for designers to submit concepts and then the best ones were produced and displayed at the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May. One of the designs selected was the drape chair designed by Eric Mackey. The idea is that perforated and laser cut steel is draped over simple CNC routed furniture structures. Seats are designed for flat pack and user assembly. Chair and bench use the same wood skeleton design. Users can customize colour and lengths. Additionally, customers can create personal “engravings” by having their marks laser cut into the steel, similar to engraving on a wooden park bench. There were a few minor modifications between the first design (below) and the final product. Really interesting to some hows those few little touch have greatly increase the chairs wow factor. As always you can’t please everyone and some of the comments on the DD08 site were quite critical of this design but I like it’s a nice design worthy of its selection.


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