Does light shine out of your seat?


Danish designer Ninna Helena Olsen has created a hybrid piece of furniture called Osso Buco, she uses CNC machining beautifully to create the lively piece of furniture that acts as a sculpture, stool and light. While I’m not 100% sure that seating should be illuminated, the stools look undeniably cool. The amazing sculptural form is inspired by something I would not usually consider to be beautiful “the structure of bone and muscle.” This piece adds to the growing trend of drawing inspiration/knowledge from nature. The lights are integrated into the stool to create an interesting play with the internal space and structure of the stool. I can’t see any cords in the pictures so I’m not sure where the power comes from.


Ninna designed the stool in 2007 as one of her projects at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The first prototype was displayed at last years Milan furniture fair, since then she has fine tuned it to produce the final prototype.

Via dirtymouse

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