Ply lamps & vases


I stumbled across the work of industrial designer Tamara Rushlow a few months ago at the Canadian design resource website. The vases are made from plywood with a coloured laminate. They are CNC machined with the idea being that users can customize the of shape and colour. The thing I really love about this design is that the water is held in a simple test tube in the centre of each vase.


For those who don’t like vases Rushlow uses something similar for the base of a lamp. I prefer the lamp myself; it just looks a little more resolved, the shape is very striking as a glossy back lamp. 100% design says “her designs are often bold at first sight yet intricate upon closer study and often with an interest in user interaction and discovery.” Tamara is a busy woman she divides her time between designing objects, interiors, and film and video through her production design company Pink Calculator.

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