Compucarve/Carvewright – Desktop CNC

OMG, a desktop 3D(ish) CNC for $1800 U.S.
Currently Sold Out at Sears or available as the Carvewright online, the Compucarve is a compact, 3-dimensional computer controlled cutting machine. It allows a ‘novice’ to make a 3d routed object, with what looks like drag and drop processes.
unitThe unit performs many other standard woodworking functions, including ripping, cross cutting, mitering, contouring, jointing and routing. The CompuCarve can work in most soft materials, including wood, plastics (polycarbonate or cast acrylic) and certain types of high density foam.
The unit ships with software and a range of designs, but you can program your own. I am sure you have to use proprietary software and an equally unfriendly file format (MPC), but $1800.

O.K. the unit handles work pieces up to 14-1/2 in. W, 5 in. H and almost any length, and yes my friends, works on both Mac and P.C.
compucarve 3d probe
There also seems to be a 3D scanning probe (above), so you could even reverse engineer components with a scanning resolution of .005 inches…….
Of course an online community has already sprung up around it and you can check out a gallery of realized projects, or purchase 3D files from the manufacturer, and a third party????
compucarve crap 2
Please Mr. Craftsman, send me a unit to review…..

via sub-studio

Oh, if you need a laugh, check out the promo video

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These machines are fantastic – this would be great for adding additional detail to a laser cut piece such as bevel, engraving (not burning) and a bunch of other things to really personalize orders. I think it’s only a matter of time before there is one of these machines with a multi-head design, meaning first pass is cutting using laser then next pass is using this rooting mechanism… with the final head doing some light sanding 😉


I WANT ONE!! At that price, it’s so tempting.

Excellent !

oh my god i want one so bad

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