Teeny, Tiny Printed Table Makes Doll House Furniture Jealous.

Tiny Table Compared to a Quarter
Kikkerland Design, with the help of designer Jozeph Forakis, created a miniature version of a large table they presented at ICFF, for display at ICFF. It’s layers within layers, people. The table was created digitally and printed with a special resin to produce the highly detailed, 7.924mm long model. The table is so small, you can only see the details with the aid of a magnifying glass.
Though it isn’t stated specifically, I’m led to believe the the 1/500th scale table was created with a UV-curable resin, which is hardened by a UV light as each minute layer is printed. The very high resolution of this method, sometimes less than .1mm per layer, allows for the creation of very detailed, tiny objects. So tiny, in fact, that this table is currently in consideration for the world’s smallest table.

Kikkerland via Core77

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