Origami Lamp: Everything You Need, Except For The Light.

Origami Lamp
Which technically makes this an origami lampshade that is folded from pre-scored .8mm steel into a shape that somewhat resembles a closed flower, or maybe a crumpled piece of paper. Designed by Thomas Hick, all one has to do to make this lampshade is fold along the dotted lines, the idea being that people are free to choose in what order to fold their new purchase.
lamp diagram
Of course, its sort of an experiment in problem solving as well as mass customization, the nature of bending steel would probably prevent you from undoing a bend more than once or twice. On the plus side, if you’ve finished folding it and one little flap is annoying you, you could probably just snap it off. Once you’ve folded your new creation, all you have to do is insert a lamp and you’ve got a nice light source that could probably rid you of a troublesome eye or two if you aren’t too careful. It might be best to hook this up to The Clapper.

Yanko Design via Gizmodo via DVICE via The Design Blog

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