half English half Danish design


Louise Campbell is a half English half Danish designer, the majority of her work is furniture and lighting. The collage lamp creates a fascinating lighting effect. It has three layers of acrylic that are laser cut to simulate the way light in a forest filters through thousands of layers before reaching the ground. The pattern is derived from repetition of an ellipse. Because each layer is different it creates depth of field and shadow play on the lamp shade itself enhancing the pattern.


Campbell uses an interesting technique on the retreat chair. Inspired by a spiders web this chair is made from 4mm steel thread that is innovatively upholstered by wrapping the steel in 4km of white angora wool. The description doesn’t make it too appealing to arachnophobics:

The house spider prefers to hang out in corners. Here it constructs its web, which exists to catch prey for survival. The spider itself, however, prefers to curl up in a silk funnel at the rear of the web nearest the corner. The funnel is the spiders retreat.

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