D.E. Sellers Performs Flatpack Magic.

Sellers'  Bookcase
D.E. Sellers is an amazing designer who creates stunning and functional flatpack furniture. His creations are often deceptively simple and efficient. One of his more well-known creations is a bookshelf that is cut from a single sheet of plywood with no waste which is easily assembled without the use of any tools. Much of his work embraces the sheet of wood, rather than trying to obscure it; his objects both deconstruct and enhance the otherwise mundane wood plank. While his furniture has a decidedly utilitarian appeal, they are also light and playful.
TreeHugger has a nice interview with Mr. Sellers about his products, including a new lounge chair he showcased at ICFF recently. If you’re looking for ideas for projects to try on Ponoko, his website is definitely worth a look.
sellers lounge chair

D.E. Sellers via TreeHugger

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Very impressive, I am investigating joining lines on my own stuff on Ponoko to reduce waste AND cutting costs.

Great stuff!

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