Emily Pilloton Wants You to Design For People, Not Consumers.

Emily Pilloton & Project H
Emily Pilloton is the founder of Project H Design and she is asking you, or more specifically, people who design things, to focus your efforts on designing solutions to global human issues; the lack of food, water, shelter, education, even money. She wants you to help solve these problems not with a few cents a day, but with a small portion of your time and talent, and I completely agree with her. Some of the most effective solutions to these problems have come from commercial designers and organizations who have dedicated a small amount of their efforts towards meeting the needs of a global population. Examples that come easily to mind would be the LifeStraw, the Hippo Roller, and very recently, the creation of a $100 wind turbine. Each of these creations were designed with the needs of a local population in mind, most using local resources for production, and all filling a critical need.
Lifestraw example
Check out her (Anti)Manifesto at Core77 blog.

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