Compressed Wood Give Greater Dimension to Flat Pack Furniture

Chairs by HIDA and Enzo Mari
Sugi is the national tree of Japan, and it grows abundantly, accounting for 13% of the nation’s forests. The trees were cultivated after World War II to help jumpstart the Japanese economy, but with the introduction of cheaper, more appropriate lumber, the trees have gone unused. Enter Japanese company HIDA and Italian designer Enzo Mari; utilizing a method of pressing wood to make it more durable while giving it shape, and the talents of Mr. Mari, they have released a new collection of flat pack furniture made from sustainably harvested Sugi trees. Each piece of pressed wood is CNC cut in a variety of ways to create different styles of furniture from a single type of pressed shape. For example, the pressed chair seat in the collection can be cut differently to create a collection of several chairs.
HIDA & Enzo Mari Glass Table
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Plant Stand by HIDA and enzo Mari

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