Cell phone use visualisation


Artist and designer Andreas Nicolas Fischer has created a sculpture based on his cell phone use. The piece was a protest against the German tracking of cell phone use that Andreas says is an unnecessary breach of privacy. The thing that I’m really interested in is the process he used to develop this sculpture. He wrote some software for his phone that recorded coordinates that could then be converted to longitude and latitude in order to create the map of his cell phone use throughout Berlin. Andreas is interested in human-machine interaction, information design and drawing with code. Andreas is not consciously responsible for the form of the piece but yet it still ended up being such interesting forms. Andreas explains his process “I then took the model in rhino and contoured it into horizontal and vertical 2d layers. Then I set the intersections and cleaned the vectors in illustrator. After that I cut the individual parts with the laser cutter.”


Via we-make-money-not-art

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