Fold lamp


I’ve only recently discovered how much I like lamp/light designs and I have been looking at a lot of them, the fold lamp was one that caught my eye, Alexander Taylor makes reference to the familiar traditional form of the lamp with a bit of a twist. The Fold lamp is part of a series of lights by Established and Sons that also includes a floor lamp and another variation of the table lamp. They are made from a sheet of folded aluminium (hence the name), with a braided fabric cable. We’ve seen a few products made by folding metal lately, like the origami table.


What I find most interesting about this lamp is its bare bones construction. Taylor goes against the normal approach and doesn’t attempt to conceal any of the lamps cabling of fittings. ‘I like work containing honesty with regard to construction process and thought. I think the product should tell its own story and once your thoughts have to be explained then something within the design is not working,’ says Alexander Taylor.

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