The Level Vodka Tunnel is Probably Not What You’re Imagining.

Level Vodka Tunnel
So Level Vodka asked designer Hussein Chalayan to create a promotional art instillation to express the experience of Level Vodka. This in itself isn’t really all that interesting to me. What did catch my eye was the fact that they used 3D printing to create a prototype of the tunnel in order to get a feel for the full structure and help determine the colors of the project. The model was built through a process called selective laser sintering, or SLS, wherein a high-powered laser selectively melts a polymer layer by layer until the full model is formed. The question is, did the 3D model help to inform the design of the final piece? Apparently so, as both the model and the final piece are colored…white.
Level Tunnel inside
I enjoy seeing rapid prototyping technologies put to use to assist in the visualization of large works, although I’m not sure if it saves on costs, it does seem to help getting an accurate idea of the final product in ways that aren’t really possible or feasible with more traditional model-making methods.

[Level Vodka Tunnel via NOTCOT]

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