Why Design? Because We Can!

Because We Can Couch
Because We Can is a design-build studio that has created some really amazing work. Their flat pack designs are especially interesting, such as the flat pack couch, designed as a place to rest your feet and store your vinyl. equally cool is the flat pack furniture system designed for Sunpower, Inc. The system consists of tables, stools, & signage, and is fit together with no adhesives, requiring only a few hard smacks with a mallet. The entire production run was put together by a team of mallet-wielding volunteers in a day. If only they had access to flat pack mallets, they would have created some sort of easily shipped flat pack utopia where all things are formed from laser cut plyboard. Their versatility is demonstrated in a portfolio of work that goes from the simply elegant to the ornately awesome. If you’re looking for more possibilities in laser cut designs, take a moment to peruse their work.
Because We Can Chairs

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  1. Ponoko Blog Says:

    […] Because We Can previously featured on the Ponoko Blog by John Cromie have just released their Little Wooden Robots They specialize in creating a space, piece, or environment that is unique to you yet affordable, productive and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to create truly inspiring, and creative spaces, furniture and buildings. […]