How to Bend Acrylic


I found a tutorial that might interest all the DIY people. It’s on how to bend acrylic at hack a day. It shows you how to build your own acrylic bender which apparently is normally a $200 piece of equipment. You just need to get a hold of a heating element and then it looks fairly easy to build the bender. Or if you prefer you can use the heat gun method.

Which ever method you choose bending acrylic can give you a few more options for your ponoko designs. It opens up a whole new world of bendy forms. For example take a look at this heat formed occasional table by Afid design. It’s made from one piece of acrylic that is bent into this beautiful sculptural piece. It comes in your choice of three or four legs and a variety of colours. The wood version of the table is stunning as well.



Happy bending!

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Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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