OpenMoko – Design Your Own Phone

You have all heard of Bug Labs with their open source modular device and Nokia’s metal phone but are you ready to design your own phone with OpenMoko?

OpenMoko have released the 3D CAD files for their phones so you can download, modify and 3D print your very own Neo phone. Although currently sold out, the Neo phone comes in two variations, the standard base, or the advanced developer model.
OpenMoko are one of the first to really use the adaptive mass customization method by freeing up the digital 3D files.

If you can’t open it, you don’t own it. Our first key unlocked the software, unleashing the community to recraft the code. Now, we free the case and share the keys to Industrial Design. Developers who want to re-craft the case are set free.
CAD files for all Neo branded handsets have now been posted.
When you use these files to create something creative, share it back. The files are posted under a ShareAlike Creative Commons license.

Devices disappear when developers have unrestricted access to hardware.

Neo gives you this control for the first time.

We want your mind in OpenMoko. Let’s work together. You’ll have our full support.
Now, Free Your Phone !

Since writing this post Matt Sinclair has written an extended piece on Mass Customization of Mobile (cell) Phones, Dang, it’s good…. and includes OpenMoko.

Keep an eye on his site We Don’t Do Retro

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I thought of this a while back, hoping that one day someone would help make it possible. Great idea!! Can’t wait until the day that I am freed from the reigns of the giants, and the commonly hideous devices they call phones. Hurray for the DIY phone!!

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