Origami in steel


This table from Mio uses principles of origami to create a three dimensional object from flat laser cut sheet metal. The origami side table is comprised of two pieces that slot together without the need for any tools or fasteners. It ships flat which is always a good thing for economic and environmental costs. It’s apparently easy to assemble. I would imagine bending it could be a little tricky but probably fun and it allows each product to have a unique twist (sorry about the pun).

Its quite a simple and elegant design and if steel continues to be popular in the vote for a new material we might all be able to start working on our own bent steel designs soon. My favorite thing about this design is that one section is a negative of the other creating a tessellating pattern meaning that there is no wasted material.

Mio also has a lamp design that has been mentioned here before that uses the same principles.

Via core77

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