Design Democracy ’08: Bringing Ideas to Reality Since 2008.

Design Democracy '08 Logo
Its a shame it hasn’t been mentioned before. Design Democracy ’08 is an event and website sponsored by Context Furniture that allows anyone to submit ideas for furniture, from bar napkins sketches to photos of finished furniture. These ideas are voted on by the community and the top-rated design will be built for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair taking place on May 17-20 in New York City. Unfortunately, the deadline for entering submissions that will be built for the ICFF has passed. However, the contest isn’t the only reason to participate,even after the contest is over, the website will remain online and people will be able to submit designs to be rated and receive comments. Even if you choose not to participate, the website is a huge source of inspiration for designing mass customized furniture. It might even give you ideas for creating a great Ponoko product.

Design Democracy ’08 logo courtesy of Michael Dinges and Context Furniture.

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