Mass customization the easy way


Turns out mass customization can be very easy; SwopIt is a side table that can change with the seasons. It is made from two layers of bent acrylic with a piece of fabric sandwiched in between. The user can change the fabric (or put in some other flat object) to whatever they want whenever they want, all you need is a piece of fabric and a pair of scissors. The life of the table is extended therefore it is better for the environment and it allows for each table to be personalized. This very clever table was made by From Us With Love; a young design studio in Old town, Stockholm.


The designers set out to design products that are innovative and sustainable; I think they succeeded with this one. They say “We are driven by the genuine love for creating and take great pride in what we do.” They have some other cool products worth checking out too, like the cord lamp.

Via sub-studio

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